Quantitative Underwater Ecological Surveying Techniques

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uantitative Underwater Ecological Surveying Techniques


Students in QUEST program conduct a training survey

QUEST students are required to pass an ID test before the Application due date (February 15). This test is used to help better select the participants for this class. A number of resources are listed belowe. Your best course of action is set aside the time to study the listed species. You will be tested on the correct identification, and spelling of genius and species from the list of over 200 species. Each MOP campus will offer and ID course for students. Off island, please contact mop to make arrangements.

QUEST students are required to know the 200 species found commonly on Hawaii's coral reefs. This list and supporting study guides can be found on the QUEST application page.

QUEST ID Reference list:

Note: Some downloads contain large images and may take some time to load.

Recomended reference list <Refrence list word doc Word Doc> <recomended reference list pdf PDF file>

QUEST Study materials
  Fish Inverts Seaweeds (limu)
ID List
Slides of species
Fish slide show ppt     Fish ID Slides pdf
Inverts ID list Powerpoint    Inverts ID Slides pdf
Limu slide show powerpoint    Limu ID Slides pdf
Practice Slides
Fish ID practice slides    Fish Practice Slides PDF
Inverts practice slide powerpoint    Inverts Practice Slides PDF
Limu practice slides - powerpoint    Limu Practice Slides PDF

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QUEST link to Flash ID websiteQUEST Flash module teaching project:   

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