MOP Project Ideas
Aquaria & Aquaculture

Marine Science Department Aquaria

Aquaria are maintained in the Marine Science Building and Wentworth Room 4 to showcase some of Hawaii's marine life, as well as to support class activities. Organisms that are collected for certain classes are housed in aquaria during the course of the semester and released when classes end.

Activities: Students perform all maintenance functions, including cleaning, repairs, water quality, and feeding. Additionally, students are encouraged to research and implement strategies for increasing the health of the aquaria and the organisms in them.

Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center (PACRC)


The PACRC's mission is to advance long-term sustainable use and conservation of coastal areas worldwide through aquaculture and resource management. The Center promotes excellence and innovation in interdisciplinary scientific research, public policy initiatives, outreach activities, and education. The PACRC is a project of the University of Hawai`i at Hilo in cooperation with the County of Hawai`i, the Keaukaha Community Association, and the UH Sea Grant College Program.

Activities: Activities change due to differing research directions at any given time, but past projects include oyster spat culturing, rotifer culture (for live feed), and aquarium fish breeding programs.