MOP Project Ideas

MOP Talk Radio

Website: MOP Talk

MOP Talk is a weekly radio show that feature's various members of the MOP community, including faculty, staff, alumni, and current students. Topics include MOP programs, student projects, and other MOP- or marine-related topics. The show runs every Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm HST and can be streamed from

ROV Operations

MOP's ROV can perform basic maneuvers and has a camera on board, but currently lacks the capacity to record video or perform tasks underwater. Do you have the skills to improve the ROV's functionality?

MOP Website


The MOP Website showcases the various activities that MOP does, and helps distribute information about MOP, events, certificate requirements, field programs (QUEST), and more. It facilitates interaction between students, the public, and MOP staff.

Activities: MOP is in need of an online enrollment system, and other ideas for more website functionality and presence are welcome.

MOP Facebook Page


The MOP Facebook page is used to distribute information about MOP events, job announcements, internship opportunities, marine science news articles, and more through social networking.